Country Pride Bracelets

April 25, 2016

Country Pride Bracelets

There are many types of designs when it comes to bracelets. Some are made from gold or other precious metals, and they’re worn as lucky charms or as evidence of wealth. Others wear bracelets to commemorate or remember loved ones. These bracelets can even be worn merely as fashion accessories—and since they’re generally small, bracelets tend to be understated and more subtle. There are other bracelets too, to increase awareness of special causes and medical conditions, and then there are the flag bracelets to honor a particular country.

Country pride bracelets are special and they can be worn for different reasons aside from just merely decorative. These reasons include:

Indicating Citizenship and Affiliation in International Sporting Competitions

Nations have a long history of competing with one another, and unfortunately mankind’s history is full of these competitions, as often they fight one another in bloody battles and wars. But the ancient Greeks had another idea: that it was also possible for countries to compete with one another—and to demonstrate a country’s superiority—through relatively bloodless means. That idea was the Olympics. That the competitions tended to highlight aspects of martial abilities—running, wrestling, and javelin throwing for example, were abilities prized in warriors of the time which did not detract from the fact that the Olympics was a friendly competition. Now the modern Olympics are still going strong, and if you’re one of the fans who can visit the host country you can count yourself lucky.

If you are one of the spectators then you can demonstrate your allegiance and your support for your athletes by wearing your country’s flag colors on your bracelet. Wearing a bracelet takes less work than painting your face or your hair with those colors, and a lot of people would say that the bracelets are also the better fashion choice. This is especially true if you’re well past middle age—perhaps painting your entire face with your flag’s colors may not be age-appropriate at all.

There are many other international competitions today. Perhaps the greatest rival to the modern Olympics today is the World Cup, which is a gathering of the best football (or soccer, as the Americans call it) teams from all the regions on Earth. In fact, the passion of many supporters for the sport may not be surpassed anywhere else whenever the World Cup is held.

Other competitions which involve national teams include the Davis Cup in tennis, and the FIBA World basketball championships. Other sports such as volleyball also hold world championships. You can wear your flag bracelets during these times to show your support and your pride in your own country.

Competitions don’t just mean sports, though. There are international competitions for singing, and worldwide beauty pageants may also be great occasions to sport a flag bracelet.

Honoring the Military

Politics have become somewhat acrimonious in the US, and when issues foster disagreements between political factions the insults and the accusations do tend to be shrill and unrelenting. These issues of course include wars, police actions, or military interventions, and whenever the US sends troops abroad there are always those opposed to doing so or at the very least disagree as to how the military is deployed.

But everyone nowadays recognize the great sacrifices that the military folks—and their families—make when every troops are send abroad to risk their lives. Both Democrats and Republicans may detest each other on principle and disagree on just about everything, but any proper American will acknowledge the service of uniformed personnel. That’s probably the only thing politically-minded Americans agree upon.

So how are the troops honored and acknowledged? Some people hang flags by their homes, as the flags they display are the same symbols the troops have vowed to defend. Others wear a flag pin on their lapels to honor the country and the troops. However, many people believe that flag bracelets are much more subtle and less ostentatious. They’re also very affordable. For all these reasons, wearing a flag bracelet is a great way to honor the sacrifices the military offer when they go forth in service of their country. This is especially true if you have family abroad and in uniform, as the bracelet can help you to remember and honor them every day.

Remembering the Old Country

If you’re an American, then chances are you’re either an immigrant or the descendant of immigrants. The United States of America was founded by immigrants, who made their way into the New World and forged a new home for themselves. America is the land of freedom and opportunity, and it calls to peoples who dare uproot from what is familiar to a new land filled with promise.

Yet just because immigrants have left their old country to build new homes for themselves doesn’t mean that they are required to cut off all ties from their country of origin. Many people in the US honor their country of origin by celebrating their own cultural holidays. The Irish-Americans hold their celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day, while Americans of Mexican heritage celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Coincidentally, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo occupy the first and second place when it comes to which day sees the most beer consumed in the US. If you want to celebrate your heritage more soberly, you can simply wear Irish or Mexican colors on your bracelet. Of course, you can also the wear your flag bracelets and still drink some beer!

Since the country is full of Americans whose roots are ultimately from other countries, there are lots of different designs available when it comes to flag bracelets. Wearing these bracelets isn’t a sign that you don’t love America—it’s just a way to honor your roots and your heritage, and to honor the people who came before you.

Whatever your reason may be as to why you wear flag bracelets, there’s no denying that they signify your pride in your country—old or new. And when you consider that flag bracelets are affordable, understated, and fashionable, you shouldn’t be surprised why so many people have begun wearing them to demonstrate their pride in their heritage.

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