Paracord 550 Can Be Used as a Fashion Statement

June 01, 2016

Paracord Team Bracelet - Paracord 550 Can Be Used as a Fashion Statement

 In recent times many people are opting for the paracord team bracelet. If you are wondering on what it is about, it is a utility bracelet which is made from the 550 parachute cord that is genuinely used by the military of the United States. The paracord 550 was originally used during the World War by the United States for suspending their parachutes. The bracelets are intricately braided together and has the ribbon design woven. The bracelet can withstand up to 50 pound tensile strength and is composed with seven inner strands. However, the outside sheath can withhold up to 200 pounds tensile strength. Depending on your wrist size, the average length of the paracord in any given bracelet can range from eight to ten feet. Despite its length, these bracelets are weigh extremely less and perfectly designed for everyday purposes.

The paracord team bracelets are available in varied color schemes, sizes, and patterns which can be matched with your everyday wear. You can even have a bunch of them and wear it accordingly as they are quite affordable.  They are also extremely durable and can be reversed at any point of time for your fashion needs.


Remember, when you opt to buy these paracord team bracelets over the regular bracelet you are showing the support either personally, locally, nationally, or all at once. The bracelets also hold a military significance as they are clipped together with a button which is generally used on the uniforms of the military. So, one can be proud of having a fashion statement along with the purpose of supporting the brave men and women of the country. You can find it common among the family members and friends of military people wearing these bracelets as a remembrance. They can be just purely out of patriotism or support the MIA (missing in action) or the POW (Prisoners of war)

The paracord team bracelets can also be used in supporting your school or college for any sports/cheerleading/support groups. They can design these bracelets which go along with their school/college color schemes and logo. If you are planning to organize a fundraiser, you can sell these bracelets to your fellow school/college classmates or even to people outside and raise the money to support the teams. The cost which is involved in creating these bracelets is very low.

The paracord team bracelets are also available in special patterns and memorable designs such as heart or the ribbon which indicates cancer awareness. The bracelets grab the attention of the onlookers and are a fun way of finding the cure.

The paracord team bracelets are otherwise known as the survival bracelets. They can come to use when you are involved in outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, camping, or even mountain climbing. When you are in need of a finer string, simply remove the yarns attached to the core. This then can be put to use for anything like stitching up something or even as a fishing line.

Overall, these bracelets are purposeful as well as very fashionable.

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