Making Paracord 550s into Fashion Bracelets

May 27, 2016

Making Paracord 550s into Fashion Bracelets

There are many ways you can show your undying love and support for your favorite team. You can paint your face, and wear strange costumes, especially when you’re in the stadium on game day. You can wear the ball caps and jerseys and go to your favorite bar to watch them play. But you can show your love and support in a more fashionable and dignified way simply by wearing fashion bracelets in the colors of the team you love.

The Advantages of Wearing Fashion Bracelets

While wearing jerseys and caps have their adherents, most people realize that bracelets are much more advantageous. The advantages of fashion bracelets are numerous:

  1. They’re much more affordable than jerseys.
  2. You can wear them to parties or to the workplace without people commenting negatively.  You can even wear them to more formal events.
  3. They’re easier to put on than loud makeup.
  4. Fashion bracelets made from paracord are much more durable than jerseys and caps. It’s called paracord 550 because that’s the amount of force in pounds you need to exert if you even want to think about tearing these bracelets.
  5. They don’t need constant cleaning.

What you need to know when you wear sports fashion bracelets

But before you can wear the colors of your team on your wrist, you may need to do some proper research on the team you are supposedly supporting. You need to know the star players (and the coach), and you should be able to talk about its last season performance so that you can argue intelligently about its chances when the next season starts. A memory for trivia and interesting facts also help.

The problem with wearing fashion bracelets is that you identify yourself as a fan—and that’s a title that’s taken seriously by a lot of folks. While you gain instant camaraderie with other fans of the team, that comradeship can easily turn into scorn and disgust if you don’t know enough about the team. If you don’t know enough, confess it right away and tell the real fans that the fashion bracelet was given to your as a gift to turn you into a real fan. Let the others educate you further so that your transformation in to a real fan progresses accordingly.

But since we’re here, let’s take a look at some of the more popular teams that you can support with fashion bracelets. Here are some facts as of 2013, and some trivia that every fan should know:

Football Fashion Bracelets


Football in the US is considered to be the nation’s most popular sport, and the NFL teams have the most passionate fan bases in all of sports.

  • The San Francisco 49ers. Since 2009, the colors of the team are red and metallic gold, with white trim. Those colors do look good especially on paracord bracelets with a fishtail or cobra knot.

The team is coached by Jim Harbaugh, who used to coach Stanford University. In 2012, starting quarterback Alex Smith was taken out of the game due to a concussion. The replacement was second round draft pick Colin Kaepernick, who went on to perform brilliant in the game and in succeeding contests.

That became the start of a quarterback controversy, when Alex Smith was cleared to return. Smith had the stats—he was the NFL leader in completion percentage and passer rating—yet Kaepernick became the starter due to his more dynamic style of play. Kaepernick led the team to the Superbowl, where they eventually fell to the Baltimore Ravens who were coached by Harbaugh’s brother John.

  • Baltimore Ravens. The team’s colors are purple, black, metallic gold, and white. The purple is usually the most dominant, with the other colors appearing as accents. It’s quarterbacked by Joe Flacco, and the team went on to win the championship last season.

One of the main reasons for the team’s success was the excellent play of tight end Dennis Pitta, who re-signed with the team for 2013. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that Pitta won’t be able to play due to injury for the entire next season.

Basketball Fashion Bracelets

Lebron and Kobe are fighting for the right to call himself the world’s most popular basketball player right now, but Derrick Rose is chomping at the bit to elevate Chicago back at the top of the NBA pantheon

  • Miami Heat. The reigning champion Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in nail-biting fashion by coming from 5 points back with only 28 seconds to go to win Game 6 in overtime. The rejuvenated Heat went on to win the whole thing in Game 7, and Lebron’s promise of multiple championships is right on schedule.

The team’s colors are primarily black and red, and in fashion bracelets the color arrangement usually red with a black outline.

  • LA Lakers. Even though the Lakers didn’t play for the championship, they can still claim to be among the most popular NBA teams in the world. Kobe and Steve Nash may have lost Howard, but their determination to succeed will nonetheless lead them to eventual success.

All NBA fans know the Lakers team’s colors of purple and gold, and every Lakers fan ought to have a fashion bracelet as a sign of support.

  • Houston Rockets. Lin and Harden fought their way to the playoffs on sheer guts, but to make a serious run for the championship they had to get some more quality players. The team management got a lot of help when they were able to convince dominant center Dwight Howard to join, along with veteran big guy Marcus Camby.

The team’s uniforms are red with the numbers in gold, and those colors also appear in the Rockets fashion bracelets. 

Baseball Fashion Bracelets

Summer is raging and right now that means baseball—and only baseball. Show your love for America’s pastime by donning your team’s colors everywhere you go with your fashion bracelets.

  • You can talk about baseball teams without talking about the winning teams in Major League history. While the stars like Ichiro may be fading and A-Rod is still mired in controversy and injury, there are signs of new hope. Derek Jeter is back and signaled his return with a homerun on the very first pitch, and returning player Soriano announced his happiness with the reunion with a couple of homeruns.

The Yankees have always been represented with their pinstripes, and that what the fashion bracelet looks like too.

  • The New York Mets may not match the Yankees in popularity, but the ardent support of their fans cannot be questioned. Nor should you question the skill of All-Star pitcher matt Harvey as well.

Sports are an obsession for a lot of people in the US, and their love extends to other sports like hockey and to even collegiate and sometimes high school sports. With sports fashion bracelets, you can show your love properly without being accused of insanity or of fashion simple-mindedness!  

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